Itasca Wines

Itasca Wines

16 Episodes

Itasca Wines is the channel for the business and industry of wine, wine making and wine production, offering content, videos and insights into the behind the scenes workings of the end to end process of the production of wine, and the business, businesses and organisations that play a key role in the industry.

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Itasca Wines
  • Itasca Wines - Episode TWO

    Episode 2

    Itasca Wines Head Winemaker Ben Smith talks about the state of the art winery custom built for Itasca Wines in Hampshire, and what makes their wines and business unique and sustainable.

  • Itasca Wines - Episode ONE

    Episode 1

    FREE episode with Head Winemaker of Itasca Wines Ben Smith introducing Itasca Wines on the Cellar Rats TV platform, and the people, time and energy that goes into making a single bottle of wine

  • Itasca Wines - Episode THREE

    Episode 3

    Itasca Wines Head Winemaker Ben Smith discusses winemaking in the UK and the effects of climate and climate change on the industry.

  • Itasca Wines - Episode FOUR

    Episode 4

    Itasca Wines TV introduces Ben Smith, Head Winemaker at Itasca Wines, and asks him about his background and why he joined Itasca Wines.

  • Itasca Wines Barrel Unloading

    Episode 3

    The Itasca Winery gets a delivery of brand new barrels for vintage storage aging in April 2021.

  • Itasca Wines Custom Destemmer

    Episode 6

    Itasca Wines processes it's first batch in the de-stemmer through a custom built Hopper

  • Itasca Wines Around The Winery

    Episode 2

    A quick flash tour of the Itasca Winery in April 2021

  • Itasca WinesTanks Delivery

    Episode 6

    Whilst it was still being built, Itasca Wines took delivery of the first wine vats for the winery in 2020 in preparation for opening.

  • Itasca Wines Testing Grapes

    Episode 5

    Ben, Itasca Wines head honcho, spot taste tests the grapes delivered to the winery for quality; but does he like what he eats?

  • Itasca Wines Bottle Delivery

    Episode 1

    The Itasca Winery gets a delivery of bottles for it's latest bottling run in April 2021

  • Itasca Wines Big Tanks

    Episode 8

    Itasca Wines takes delivery of the brand new "Big Tanks" for the new winery pre-launch 2020

  • Itasca Wines - Episode FIVE

    Episode 5

    Itasca Wines Owners and Founders Malcolm Walker and Simon Porter talk about how it all got started between and farmer and a film maker.

  • Itasca Wines - Episode SIX

    Episode 6

    Itasca Wines Founders and Directors Malcolm Walker and Simon Porter discuss the UK Wine community and why they decided to build a winery.

  • Itasca Wines - Episode SEVEN

    Episode 7

    Itasca Wines Founders and Owners Malcolm Walker and Simon Porter describe how Regenerative and Conservation Farming is at the core of what Itasca Wines is all about, from the Vineyard to the Bottle.

  • Itasca Wines - Episode EIGHT

    Episode 8

    Itasca Wines Founders and Owners Malcolm Walker and Simon Porter talk about their plans for the future success and working with their chosen Winemaker, Ben Smith.

  • Itasca Wines - Episode FREE

    Episode 0

    Sarina from Itasca Wines explains how they tend to the vines in the vineyard to ensure they grow into strong plants that give the highest quality fruit for the winery.