Cellar Rats Gran Reserva Series 01

Cellar Rats Gran Reserva Series 01

27 Episodes

The "Best of the Rest" edited content from Cellar Rats Series 1 that didn't quite make it into the full episodes. Extra edits, outtakes, fascinating insights and moments from all the countries Cellar Rats have visited in short, tasty snippets to give you a flavour what is waiting for you inside a fully matured and carefully bottled episode of Cellar Rats.

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Cellar Rats Gran Reserva Series 01
  • Gran Reserva Australia "Artisans Meal"

    Episode 23

    Cellar Rats Presenter and Wine Expert David Thomas sits down with the Artisans of the Barossa Valley in Australia to kick around ideas, drink some expensive and delicious wine and indulge in a speciality dish from the region.

  • Gran Reserva Australia "Ancient Wines & the Artisan Group"

    Episode 24

    Cellar Rats Presenter and Expert Wine Maker David Thomas explores the Barossa Valley in Australia, and is given a tour of the vineyard by Greg Hobbs at the Hobbs Winery, and why the vineyard is planted and organised the way it is to get the most from the ancient vines grown in the region.

  • Gran Reserva Australia "Toasting Barrels"

    Episode 25

    In southern Australia, David "Davo" Thomas explores the Yalumba Cooperage, supplying the Barossa region's wine industry with high quality barrels alongside a unique cellar full of extraordinary, and expensive wine. A combined mix of old school and modern technology, Yalumba is a diamond in the he...