Cellar Rats Gran Reserva Series 01

Cellar Rats Gran Reserva Series 01

32 Episodes

The "Best of the Rest" edited content from Cellar Rats Series 1 that didn't quite make it into the full episodes. Extra edits, outtakes, fascinating insights and moments from all the countries Cellar Rats have visited in short, tasty snippets to give you a flavour what is waiting for you inside a fully matured and carefully bottled episode of Cellar Rats.

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Cellar Rats Gran Reserva Series 01
  • Gran Reserva SPAIN "It's In The Blood"

    Episode 32

    Cellar Rats presenter and wine expert Josh talks to Pedro Ximinez in Jerez, Spain, about why making wine, and in particular Sherry, is deeply ingrained in the culture and blood of the people who make it.

  • Gran Reserva Australia "The Docs Vineyard"

    Episode 31

    Dr Bailey Carrodus, the founder of Yarra Yering Vineyard, had many ambitious and grand designs, but never failed to take responsibility for his actions.

  • Gran Reserva Australia "Rumours Through The Grapevine"

    Episode 30

    Cellar Rats presenter and Wine Expert David Thomas explores Yarra Yering in Australia and talks to the current owners about its mysterious founder Dr Bailey Carrodus

  • Gran Reserva Australia "Quirky Wines"

    Episode 29

    Cellar Rats presenter David Thomas asks Paul Bridgeman from Yarra Yering in Victoria about the strangest setup for a basket press he has ever seen...

  • Gran Reserva SPAIN "Ancient Sherry Cellars"

    Episode 28

    At the Bodegas Pedro Ximinez in Jerez, AndalucĂ­a, in South West Spain, Jan Peterson talks to Cellar Rats presenter and winemaker Josh about unique types of wine, ancient cellars and why special yeast can improve the flavour of a good sherry.

  • Gran Reserva SPAIN "Jerez Sherry Barrels"

    Episode 27

    Josh tells us the reason why Barrels are so important - and so old - in the production of Sherry in the Jerez region of southern Spain.

  • Gran Reserva SPAIN "Sherry Not Sherry"

    Episode 26

    Jan Petersen talks to Cellar Rats about the use of the word Sherry on bottles and why the legacy meaning behind it needs to change.

  • Gran Reserva UK "Microlites"

    Episode 1

    Cellar Rats Gran Reserva UK - Gemma is given a briefing prior to her inaugural flight in a fixed wing microlight over Hadrian's Wall, where the possibility of flying into a live military air zone was discussed...

  • Gran Reserva SPAIN "In The Lab At RODA"

    Episode 2

    Cellar Rats Presenter and Winemaker Josh explores the expensive equipment in the lab at RODA in Rioja, what they do in there and why it is vital to the future of the Winery and the Vineyard.

  • Gran Reserva SPAIN "Reserva & Grand Reserva"

    Episode 3

    Cellar Rats presenter and winemaker Josh talks to the family owner Dad and daughter partnership at Bodegas Ramirez De Ganuza and discusses what makes a Reserva different from a Grand Reserva wine.

  • Gran Reserva SPAIN "It's Not A Tree!"

    Episode 4

    Cellar Rats presenter Gemma wakes up very early to help Pedro harvesting grapes from his vineyard for the latest vintage, and in the process learns a few key pieces of information about what grape picking is all about/

  • Gran Reserva Australia "Life In The Barossa"

    Episode 5

    Cellar Rats presenter and wine expert David Thomas interviews Celebrity Chef Maggie Beer to discuss how food and wine play such an important part of the culture of the Barossa Valley in Australia.

  • Gran Reserva New Zealand "Yabby Fishing"

    Episode 6

    Cellar Rats presenter and wine expert David goes Yabby fishing in New Zealand for lunch along with some wine from Tin Shed to accompany the taste.

  • Gran Reserva SPAIN "Barrel Branding & Toasting"

    Episode 7

    Cellar Rats presenter Gemma investigates the process of making wine barrels at the Murua Cooperage in Rioja with Pedro, our Cellar Rats Spanish Guest Host.

  • Gran Reserva Australia "Basket Press Shiraz"

    Episode 8

    Cellar Rats presenter and wine expert David explains the Shiraz basket press at Rockfords Winery in the Barossa Valley, Australia

  • Gran Reserva UK "Great Wines, Great Stories"

    Episode 9

    Cellar Rats presenter and winemaker Josh discusses how stories and wine production methods can add to the myth of what makes a great wine, with the owner of UK Urban Winery Renegade Wines, Warwick Smith

  • Gran Reserva UK "Winbirri Winner"

    Episode 10

    Cellar Rats presenter Gemma is given a tour of the internationally award winning UK Winbirri vineyard where their Bacchus still white wine was harvested and produced and won the Decanter Best Single-Varietal White Wine in the World 2017

  • Gran Reserva UK "Fish Fish Fish"

    Episode 11

    All the Cellar Rats presenters take a trip out on a fishing boat with Blackdown Ridge Vineyard and Winery Manager Lucinda, and with Chef Mario, who somehow manages to score a count of less than zero in his efforts to catch the cast and crew some lunch.

  • Gran Reserva SPAIN "Can Axartell"

    Episode 12

    Can Axartell is a Spanish Bodegas on the island of Majorca in the Mediterranean Balearics, and produces not only stunning wines from their land, but also one of Spains biggest exports... Olives. Cellar Rats went to have a look.

  • Gran Reserva UK "Opportunities & Challenges"

    Episode 13

    Cellar Rats Gran Reserva Talks to Julia Trustram Eve about opportunities and challenges in the fledgling UK wine industry. Originally shot in 2017.

  • Gran Reserva UK "Throes of a Revolution"

    Episode 14

    Cellar Rats Gran Reserva talks to Julia Trustram Eve about the UK Wine Industry on the brink of an exciting revolution producing and exporting wine from UK based vineyards and wineries. Originally filmed in 2017.

  • Gran Reserva UK "Dish Pig"

    Episode 15

    Cellar Rats presenter Josh talks about his previous career working in the kitchen of a restaurant as he and Mark Hix cook a sauce for their food during an episode of Cellar Rats UK

  • Gran Reserva Australia "Free Run Wine"

    Episode 16

    Cellar Rats visits the Kalleske Brothers in the Barossa Valley, Australia, and talk about some of the techniques passed down through generations of wine makers in the region.

  • Gran Reserva Australia "Small Barrel Production"

    Episode 17

    Cellar Rats presenter David "Davo" Thomas visits the Spinifex winery in the Barossa Valley where Peter Shell explains their small barrel production method, creating very short run vintages of specialist wine.